Experience Turtle Run Winery





Visiting Turtle Run Winery provides you not only with insight as to how wine is made but the pleasurable experience of wine tasting. As you first step foot the grounds you immediately see our chambourcin vines growing down the driveway. Walking through the winery’s door will place you into the tasting room, but you’ll quickly notice that we placed a direct access into the production area.

On most weekends, we'll set up an additional tasting room area back in production.  Normally, Jim, our owner and winemaker, manages this bar, so you can really get to know the wines and the winemaker!

Turtle Run Winery prides itself on producing top quality, award winning wine.  See this recent blog about our traminette ranking it as one of the top 10 wines in the world under $20:  http://redforme.blogspot.com/2011/12/grape-senses-2011-top-wine-picks.html 

Here's another one from a wine writer in California who recently tasted four of our wines (yes, the spritz I leave behind in the wines is on purpose): http://www.nowandzin.com/2012/06/wine-country-indiana-turtle-run-winery.html

Additionally, we provide wonderfully in-depth tours of the winery.  Did you know that wine contains up to 1500 natural chemical compounds?  We'll enlighten you about a few, but really we'll discuss in an "aha, that makes sense!" way that really puts appreciation into wine.


The best part of tasting wine at Turtle Run is the lively conversations you’ll have with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.Our staff brings relaxing fun to everyone!Perhaps even our dog, Jonas, will join in and escort you to the front door.Our goal is for you to experience the very best winery visit in the United States.During our busy seasons, we’ll set up multiple tasting bars in the winery to keep the groups small and the attention high.To us, great customer service leads to great customer satisfaction and we hope future repeat customers and great customer references.Besides, learning what you like can help us shape our future wines!

What you won't see at Turtle Run Winery: The medals we've won in international wine competitions on our wine list.  Why?  Did you know humans have a taste bud range count from as little as 500 taste buds per tongue to more than 12,000?  For a fascinating study on this subject, read Tim Hanni's "Why You Like the Wines You Like."  Both Tim and I did some fascinating research on taste and Tim's book really delves into people's unique and personal taste experience.   At Turtle Run, we recognize that people are uniquely different, and have unique taste sensitivities so we are more interested in finding the wines you like versus telling you what you "should like."  It's important to be recognized in the wine community for quality.  At the same time, we don't want to create "collective delusion" and promote a double gold medal wine which may not match your taste preferences.  And when you stop by the winery, you'll see an entire shelf dedicated to medals we won.  I mention this because we've been recognized for our quality wine making.  What you prefer, as far as wines, is entirely up to you.  By the way, I think white wines rock and Laura prefers red!