Ever heard of Adagio Blanc?  Probably not.  I made up the name!!!  When I had the label designed I had a specific flavor I was interested in pursuing in blending.  As it turns out, Vignoles and Colombard were perfect together to create delicious white wine.  The name comes from Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings” which is one of my favorite all-time musical pieces.

As for the wine, it’s a blend “primarily” of Vignoles and Colombard 2020 barrel aged in more or less neutral oak.  The wine has some nice mineral, zippy clean refreshing apple and lemon notes from the Vignoles, and solid mouthfeel, finish, and notes of melon from the Colombard.  Long, lingering finish in which the acidity ebbs and flows.

Vintage 2020 | Varietal Vignoles and Colombard  | Appellation: Indiana Uplands, Turtle Run Vineyards, and Lodi, CA
Acid 0.69 | PH 3.51 | Alcohol  11.75%
Aging — neutral oak.

Price: $16 per bottle

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