Ever heard of Aromella?  Probably not.  Grape varieties can be crossed and crossed and thus Aromella was born a few years back.  It comes from the lineage of Gewurtztraminer to Traminette to Aromella, if that helps.

Our first bottling of Aromella was aged outside in the winter of 2021 and wow, did that create a spectacular wine.  This bottling is loaded with lime and lemon-type flavors.  The outside in oak barrel aging added a false sense of near sweetness and the wine, though very crisp, is very smooth, very enjoyable, and with a long, lingering finish.  The oak flavors are very muted, so if you are a charter member of the “Don’t Like Oak” club, you’ll be fine with this wine.  As a quick aside, I think many, or maybe a portion of those who don’t like oak may have tasted offensiveness to “liquid oak” which is gaining traction in our wine industry.  Just pour in liquid oak and voila, “barrel-aged wine.”  Yeah, um…right!  Liquid oak is the equivalent of driving a 1974 Monza with a 2W-55 A/C for an 18-hour drive to the beach and wondering why the trip was so unpleasant.  A custom AM-only radio too!  Whoop!  I digress.

It’s just an awesome wine!!  White wine.  Dry, tasty, long-lasting delicious flavors.  I need to stop typing and “go get me” a glass of it!

Vintage 2019 | Varietal Aromella  | Appellation:  Finger Lakes, NY
Acid 0.63 | PH 3.57 | Alcohol  11.75%
Aging — neutral oak.

Price: $16 per bottle

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