A true Cabernet through and through with tasty raspberry, strawberry, and all sorts of other berry notes. Aged in American oak barrels for a nice slightly toasty set of flavors but with more fruit up front.

The hallmark of our dry red program is how long we leave the wine on the skins post fermentation, upwards of 6 weeks. This allows us to capture all the great flavors from the skins but it also allows for a very amazing binding process of harsh tannins via the spent yeast cells, still in contact with the wine and skins. This wine leaves behind a slight amount of residual sugar. It happens. After 1 week on the wine list, 6/10/2022, this wine has proven popular with some of our very dry customers and those that are approaching dry reds, this wine has been a hit. Sometimes, wines just don’t completely ferment completely to dryness.

Long finish, great fruit, balanced tannins, and no fining agents. Good luck getting a headache!

When making our dry reds, we go for big extractions from our skins — high heat and long, very long maceration times or times spent on the skins.  We typically eclipse a month on the skins, whereas the industry standard is to ferment on the skins for a few days and maybe two weeks tops.   We do this for better extraction of flavors from the skins, and surprisingly, this longer skin contact softens the tannins. sometimes lightens the color.  This process seemingly builds for a longer, smoother mouthfeel.


Vintage 2021 | Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon | Appellation:  Amador County, CA
Acid 0.66 | PH 3.67| Alcohol % 15.7| Residual Sugar 2%
Aged in stainless steel

Price: $20 per bottle

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