Catherine is our wonderful daughter and when she was 5 years old, she changed the course of our wine labels forever.  At that time, we had a very consistent look:  black background label with a multi-colored turtle made of the primary colors.  It was snappy!  However it was also dull, in ways and kind of blended in on liquor store shelves.  Well at 5 years old, she asked at the end of October if her wine was ahead in sales.  What she really wanted was that Catherine’s Blend was outselling Max’s Small Batch Red and Joe’s Jammin’ Red, her brothers’ wines.  We’ll darn it.  She was trailing, but not by much.  However upon learning that her brothers’ wines were leading the way, she demanded that she have a red wine too.  After I told her that we couldn’t do that, per se.  And then I had the gall to try to guilt trip her into keeping the white by telling her that her grandmothers liked Catherine’s Blend the way it was, I thought that would brighten her up and we could go on.   Nope.  Realizing that I wasn’t going to change the wine, she demanded that I change the label to make it more reflective of her.  Now that’s another line in the sand!  Changing the label?  Heck no!  But realizing the pickle I was in, I relented on the label, much to the surprise of Max who called a foul on me for relenting.  Pink and purple was born and the following year, her wine shot up to number 1 in sales.  Finally, I woke up and realized that if we were to do anything, we needed to keep the style of our labels the same, but remove black and go with more vibrant colors.  Today, no wine on our list has any black in the labels.  Thank you Catherine!

Our now 17 year old has continued to design the labels from the onset of her wine.  I continue to design the wine.  Catherine’s Blend has always been a wine with what we call a “riesling-Esque” style to it.  To make it, we have employed the following grapes over the years:  vignoles, chardonnay, chardonel, traminette, chenin blanc, catawba, colombard, edelweis and yes, even riesling, and LaCrescent too.

This version is comprised of Vignoles 2021, Riesling 2021, LaCrescent 2020 and Vignoles 2020.

Flavors?  Boundless fruit.  A great mix of tropical fruity notes with awesome apple notes.  You simply cannot find all of the flavors!  However, if you just let the wine take you where it wants to go, you just notice incredible complex fruit with a crazy smooth and silky feel with perfect bright acidity.

Vintage 2020 and 2021 | Varietals:  Vignoles, Riesling, LaCrescent  Grapes sourced from Finger Lakes, NY, Turtle Run Vineyards and North East, PA
Residual Sugar 2.75%| PH 3.60 | Alcohol % 11.81 | Glucose Grams 0 | Sucrose Grams 0 | Fructose Grams 12

Price: $16 per bottle

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