Catherine’s Blend is named after our daughter, Catherine.  Way back in 2008, Catherine, then age 5, took the reigns of the label design and created a beautiful pink and purple design. Always changing, always evolving, but always consistent, Catherine’s Blend.

This wine has an incredible array of fruit flavors and is super, super smooth. Moderately sweet. Long, super long finish with a savory mouthfeel. The wine is a blend of 2022 Chardonnay, 2022 Riesling and 2021 Vignoles

Flavors?  Boundless fruit.  A great mix of tropical fruity notes with awesome apple notes.  You simply cannot find all of the flavors!  However, if you just let the wine take you where it wants to go, you just notice incredible complex fruit with a crazy smooth and silky feel that's well balanced. Slightly sweet at 1-1/2% residual sugar

Bottled June 2023


Vintage 2021 and 2022 | Varietal Chardonnay 56%, Riesling 22%, Vignoles 22% | Appellation, Livermore, CA, North East, PA
Acid 0.67 | PH 3.71| Alcohol % 11.4
Aging stainless steel

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