With lovely apple, baked apple, apricot, peach, and well-integrated oak from older oak barrel aging, this lovely white has a long, lingering, clean, refreshing finish and will pair well with just about any dish. Acids are nice too. Has a touch of traminette and Vignoles added which provides even more complexity

Chardonel is a hybrid grape, a cross between Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc.  Does it remind me of Chardonnay?  In ways, yes, but in ways, no.  How about Seyval Blanc?  Again, in ways yes, and in ways, no.  A good friend of mine in the industry once lamented that the grape variety was named incorrectly as it’s flavors are unique as one day to the next.  And that is okay by me!  It’s truly a tremendous variety with lots of great apple and pear notes.  We fermented this version in stainless steel with no oak aging so the acids are nice and crisp and, though oak goes very well with this variety, it’s fun to change it up a bit!  The wine is smooth, a little higher on acid, which I like and it has a long fruity, ever-changing finish.


Vintage 2021| Varietal Chardonel | Appellation New York
Vineyard Designation Acid 0.81 | PH 3.40 | Alcohol % 12.1

Price:  $16 per bottle

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