Always wanting to make the finish spot on, which takes blending.  We have found over the years to get our chardonnay to finish with a long, lingering, pleasant aftertaste, it takes blending to get us there.  We’ve used all sorts of wines to get us there, from traminette to chardonel to Vignoles.  You name it.  But we are certified careful to not diminish the expressiveness of the chardonnay grape.  Usually, it takes 6% to 8% to pull it off, to make the chardonnay jump the way we want it to.  However, our current chardonnay is 100% chardonnay, the first vintage to be 100% chardonnay since 2012


Vintage 2020| Varietal Chardonnay
Acid 0.70 | PH 3.71| Alcohol % 12.57 | Residual Sugar 0
Aging: American oak, but the wine is not oaky…..

Price: $16 per bottle

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