A very expressive red wine with hints of all sorts of herbs and fruit, ranging from plum to peach to blackberry.  On the nose, I can pick up hints of lavender and violet.  This grape is grown by our west coast grower and at bottling, this wine is 88% grenache.  We discovered a complex mix of small amounts of other wines were needed to really get the Grenache fruit flavors to pop.  Legally, we can add up to 25% of other wines and still call it by a singular grape variety.  Around 88% is our upper limit with blending as percentages over this number tend to really distort the varietal note in the wine.  Chardonnay, for instance, from time to time, benefits with up to another 12%

No added tannins, no added coloring agents, no added sugar means no headache.

Price per bottle: $20

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