Over the years, Turtle Run wines have garnered wide acclaim. We last entered wine competitions in 2016 in which we entered 7 wines and received 3 best in class, 2 double golds, a gold, and a silver.

In 2011, we won Best Indiana Grown at the Indy International Wine Competition. In 2014, at Indy International, we won Indiana Farm Winery of the Year, and in 2015 Best in Class white blends at California’s Consumer Wine Awards for our vineyard’s Serendipity, a blend of Vignoles and Traminette.


Why we don’t enter competitions anymore:

  • They cost money, why spend money needlessly
  • Our customer base appreciates quality wine and could care less


Read this nice old blog article about our Traminette. Ranking it as one of the top 10 wines in the world under $20.



Here’s another one from a wine writer in California who, some time ago, tasted four of our wines (yes, the spritz we leave behind in that wine on purpose).



Cheers Everyone





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