Meet Jim & Laura

The proud owners of Turtle Run Winery. One loves white wines and one loves red. They are dedicated to providing you not only with insight as to how wine is made but the pleasurable experience of wine tasting. As you first step foot on the grounds you immediately see their chambourcin vines growing down the driveway. Walking through the winery’s door will place you into the tasting room, but you’ll quickly notice that they placed a direct access into the production area.

On most weekends, they’ll set up an additional tasting room area back in production.  Normally, Jim, the owner and winemaker, manages this bar, so you can really get to know the wines and the winemaker!



Turtle Run Winery prides itself on producing top quality, award winning wine.  See this recent blog about our traminette ranking it as one of the top 10 wines in the world under $20:

Here’s another one from a wine writer in California who recently tasted four of our wines (yes, the spritz we leave behind in the wines is on purpose):

Jim first studied wine in college at Miami of Ohio. He fondly recalls that first class in which the professor, John Dome stated, “This is not a wine appreciation class. If you have come here to drink and sample wine, this is not your class. If, however, you a thorough understanding of all things wine, from soil type and climate, to grape growing and its inherent challenges, to winemaking techniques and aging and what differentiates good from great and how it’s done, then this is the class you want. By the way, the average grade is a high C, so this is not an easy course. Feel free to drop if necessary.”

These studies directly lead to a four year search across the USA for an exceptional piece of land to start Turtle Run. In 1997, our Corydon, Indiana site, nice and high and rich in limestone, was purchased to grow world class grapes.

But the coursework opened Jim’s eyes to the difference between good and great wines, and what it takes to make exceptional quality wine – patience, precision and no cutting corners. The world’s most recognized sweet wines do not have added sugar to sweeten them before bottling. Nor do Turtle Run’s. The world’s most recognized dry red wines are made from the fruit and not from added outside chemicals such as powdered tannins. Turtle Run dry red wines ferment and age on the skins for a minimum of 3 weeks and up to two months. Jim even uses an old French technique of re-using skins on occasion to deepen the complexity of their dry reds. And yes, the wines are barrel aged. No powdered oak or chips are ever poured into stainless steel tanks to pick up oak flavors. And dry whites? Some say Jim’s “Chard” is a dead ringer for top flight white burgundies. And their “Serendipity”, a blended white, screams of the aromas and flavors of wines from southern France.

Additionally, we provide wonderfully in-depth tours of the winery.  And no two tours are alike. Feel free to ask Jim questions and watch how the tour drifts in all sorts of directions. Sometimes, Jim talks barrels, then talks taste bud count. Other days, health benefits of wine is the subject of the day. Yet others, Jim drifts into the inconvenient truth of Prohibition. And did you know that wine contains up to 1500 natural chemical compounds?  Another tour possibility! Especially at how some of those chemical compounds need to be minimized! And how we do that! Regardless, we’ll enlighten and engage you with a truly mesmerizing tour and we’ll deliver whatever tour it happens to be in an easy to understand format. You’ll say afterwards, “aha, that makes sense!” Simply put, our tour really put appreciation into wine.