Montepulciano is an Italian grape grown by our west coast grower, DePalma Vineyards.  It’s got a great light cherry flavor and is exceptionally easy to drink.

But it wasn’t exceptionally easy to drink the day before we bottled it.  Ask the staff!  Great marketing right here, right?

In Italy, for decades and decades, they have used white wine blended into red wine to fix the flaws within red wines.  Modern winemaking is all about getting out the chemicals and manipulating.

Before bottling this wine, we found that the alcohol created a little too much heat on the back-end which then made the tannins pop a little too much.

When blending whites into reds, a winemaker has one or two paths to take.  The first path is to blend the white wine into the red to alter the overall experience of the red.  Basically, the winemaker is making a different wine, sort of like adding peanut butter to chocolate.

The other methodology is to keep the core of the flavors of the red exactly the same or closely to the same.  This is the tricky path.  And this was our chosen path.

Reduce the alcohol to knock that bitter edge off the back of the wine.

Over the course of a couple hours, we gradually added Traminette, Vignoles and Aromella.  At the very end, we added in Chambourcin.  The additions were seemingly miniscule, yet when we finished, we realized we created a great tasting dry red.


Vintage: 2022| Varietal Montepulciano with a 4% addition of Traminette, 3% of Aromella, 3% Chambourcin and 1% Vignoles
Vineyard Designation | DePalma Vineyards, CA, Turtle Run Vineyard, IN, Finger Lakes, NY
Percent Alcohol 14% | Residual sugar 0% | PH 3.57

$20.00 per bottle

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