A couple years ago, our grower in Ripon, CA asked if I had ever tried Mourvedre.  Familiar with the grape, but only in blends, I inquired more.  Dominick gave me some quick assurances as to the quality of wines it makes.  Bingo.  Let’s do it.  I call Mourvedre, “Pinot Noir on steroids,” for it’s mouthfeel is exquisitely more robust with more body and yet it has the soft, fruity overtones and color of a pinot.  Now, it doesn’t exactly taste like pinot but it’s fruit flavors are indeed fabulous.

For the current release, we blended from our barrels the 2021 with tank aged 2022, providing body and complexity (2021) with up front fruit (2022).  Enjoy

Vintage: 2021-2022 | Mourvedre
Vineyard Designation: DePalma Vineyard, Livermore Valley AVA
Acid 0.75| PH 3.68| Alcohol % 12.77 | Residual Sugar 0%

Price: $20 per bottle

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