I’ve always wanted to do this, but I didn’t want to risk changing a great wine for an experiment.  But a press that blew its compressor caused/allowed me to do this great experimentation, and, well, it worked fabulously well.


Whenever we pressed the diamond grape, the skins smelled absolutely delicious.  What if we soaked the juice for some time on the skins?  Always the question.  Risk?  Yeah, the Open My Mind wines have been great without skin contact.  Reward?  The skin contact could have an amazing positive outcome for already great wine.

When the compressor failed to fire, we came up with a plan to use a conventional air compressor to do the job, but it was going to take hours before we would be ready.

I am here to say that was the greatest equipment failure of all time!  The depth and complexity of the 12-hour skin soak were monumental in creating a dynamically delicious wine!  And the wine was on the skins just long enough to gain the flavors from the skins and not long enough to extract harsh tannins.

The fruit is incredible, the finish is long and endearing.  Just a great wine with the classic diamond flavors of apple and pear


Vintage 2021  | Varietals: |Diamond |Appellation:  Indiana Uplands
Vineyard Designation:  Pfeiffer Vineyards at Turtle Run
Acid 0.74| PH 3.55| Alcohol % 10.5| Residual Sugar 1.75% | Fructose Grams per bottle 7

Price: $14 per bottle

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