Accidental wine blending at its best!  Absolute best.  We were trying to blend one of our standard blends and failed miserably.  We had all of the right wines for it, but so far, we haven’t figured it out yet.  Out of the dustbin of failure, we took one of the varieties in that failed blend, Chardonnay, and for the heck of it, thought, I wonder what it tastes like with Aromella?  Um…fantastic!  Blend ratio?  You know, 50/50 is pretty darn good.  Yep, better than 75/25 and 25/75.  Okay, this is simple, simple, simple.  Let’s do it.  And yes, we have plenty of labels we can use.  Pick one!  Original Capitol it is!!

The wine has impeccable lime-citrus notes from the Aromella and the vivid apple flavors from Chardonnay make me wonder, what did the first person who put peanuts and chocolate together think.   I think they were thinking the same “Whoa” we were thinking with this blend.  A little bit of vitamin C added to brighten the fruit.  Yes, vitamin C.  One of the exceptionally few ingredients we’ll add to wine.

Vintage: 2021 and 2022 | Varietal Aromella and Chardonnay 50/50 blend
Vineyard Designation: Finger Lakes, NY and Livermore Valley, CA
Acid 0.79 | PH 3.77| Alcohol % 12
Aging in stainless steel only.

Price per bottle: $16

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