Flat out, we love making blends at Turtle Run.  The staff and I can come up with a wine concept on how we want the wine to taste, then we blend it until we get it.   We started re-blending Painted Red in 2018 after a several-year absence and now this is a staple of our dry reds.

So what is Painted Red?  Quite simply, a delicious red that’s very approachable with vividly bright berry flavors, a nice zip of tannins, and a wine that has a long and endearing finish.

All vintages from 2018 onward have had zinfandel and Frontenac but not exclusively.  For this version, the blend is exclusive to cabernet franc and Frontenac.  Expect Frontenac in every blend.

Painted Red is designed to be an easy-going dry red with lots of complex flavors.  Not overly tannic, but still with some zip of tannins, we strive for fruit-forward and long finishes.


Vintage:  2020 and 2019| Varietals.  Cabernet Franc, Frontenac, | Appellation:  Lodi, CA, Indiana Uplands, Turtle Run vineyards
Acid 0.71 | PH 3.71| Alcohol % 12.5

Price: $20 per bottle

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