Like all of our wines, Pop’s Port is made traditionally, with no fining agents, no added sugars, tannins or any other nonsense that gives people headaches.

To make a port correctly, brandy, which comes from distilled wine, is added on the hour of the day to stop fermentation. Yeast can live in solution and ferment up to about 17.5% alcohol, so by adding brandy to fermenting winth to make the alcohol concentration 18% – 21%, a port wine will have natural sweetness.

If you are familiar with grape varieties, this wine blend will make no sense to you. None. But there is something about port that allows us to blend crazy combinations and make crazy varieties into port. This port is a blend of primarily Cabernet Franc (okay!), Niagara (yes, I made a niagara port) and Syrah. Topped off with 17 year old brandy Flavors are incredible and they go all over the place. Bright, vivid fruit with incredible complex flavors light up the taste buds. The finish is awesome too. Enjoy!!!



Vintage 2018 and 2019| Varietal:  Cab Franc, Niagara, Syrah  | Origin of grapes:   North East , PA and Lodi, CA
Acid 0.67 | PH 3.62| Alcohol % 18.5% | Residual Sugar 5% | Grams Glucose 0 | Grams Sucrose 0 | Grams Fructose 20 | Calories Fructose per bottle 60

Price:  $35 per bottle