Concord is a staple at Midwest wineries. Some people say that it has to do with a “sweet Midwest palate.” That statement is so far from the truth. I am fully convinced through research on how taste works, both with physical differences and subconscious responses, that I could plant concord in Napa Valley and sell a boatload of bottles. Many people just like concord and universally you can find concord lovers throughout the world. The key for us is to make it different. Whereas a very common tradition is to add sugar at bottling, we rely on arrested fermentation, leaving natural sugars from the grape behind. Our alcohol content is slightly lower and the sweetness is very clean and refreshing and doesn’t leave a sweet aftertaste. An explosion of Concord grape flavors awaits you!

Our current version is exceptionally fruity and has complexity.  I blended concord grapes grown from our New York and Pennsylvania grower and added in a dash of Geisenheim for added body and mouthfeel.  This is an incredible concord wine.


Vintage 2022| Varietal Concord 100%| Appellation: North East, PA, Finger Lakes, NY
Acid 0.77 | PH 3.48 | Alcohol % 9.4| Residual Sugar 3.4% | Glucose grams 0 | Glucose grams 0 | Fructose grams 14| Fructose calories per bottle 42

Price:  $14 per bottle

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