Several grape varieties seemly naturally blend well together regardless of the ratio’s used in making the wine.  What we have found is parent-child blends always seem to work and sometimes there are 3-4 varieties that blend well together too.  In Rhapsody in White’s case, Chardonnay, Chardonel (parent-child) and Vignoles always seem to go well with each other.

Blending wines is so much fun because, as a winemaker, we can take a blank canvas and just sort of mold a wine into what we want. The 2020 chardonnay was barrel fermented and aged for 7 months and the oak was perfect.  The 2019 chardonel aged for 18 months in oak, with both the chardonel and chardonnay aging the entire time on their lees (spent yeast cells) which provided a super smooth finish to the wine.  Vignoles 2019 aged in stainless steel and provides some wonderful very light sweetness to the wine.

The finish is long, soothing, and the flavors are extremely complex for a white wine.  Though blended together, if you concentrate, you may be able to pick out all three varieties in each sip.


Vintage 2019 and 2020| Varietal Chardonnay 37%, Chardonel 37%, Vignoles 26%,
Appellation:  Lodi, CA (chardonnay) Upstate, NY (chardonel and vignoles),

Acid 0.67 | PH 3.58| Alcohol % 11.8% | Residual Sugar 1%

Price: $16 per bottle

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