Riesling, along with Cabernet Franc, were the first two wines that I fell in love with back in college.  We have yet to try to grow riesling, but maybe we will at some point.  In the meantime, we’ll source them from Pennsylvania.

While fermenting this wine, I got myself caught in a “hmmm” moment.  You see, we never add sugar or juice to our wines.  We stop fermentation via either extreme chilling or filtering or both.  We run alcohol tests and residual sugar tests, easy enough.  But the other, very important test is taste.  For our “My Mind” series of sweet wines, we get very specific for consistency, but for riesling, which, due to small quantities produced, is more of an artisan wine for us, so we can let the fermentation run a little longer and make it drier from the last year or we can stop earlier and keep the wine a little sweeter, or we can zero in the residual sugar to exactly what it was the year before.  Basically, we can have a little more fun with this wine and our 2021 is a dynamite sweeter version, which I think can age for at least 20 years.  All the right acids are there.  Drink early or age it gracefully.  WARNING:  That normally gets attention.  This wine is rarely available for tastings and does not appear on our tasting list in the winery.


Vintage 2021| Varietal Riesling  Appellation:  North East, PA

Acid 0.76 | PH 3.42| Alcohol % 9.5

Price:  $21 per bottle