A beautifully fruity red or rose wine with a slight spritz and lots of awesome fruity overtones.  The fruit is bold but very difficult to describe, more of a cherry-apple-strawberry kind of flavor trifecta in the wine.

This wine is a field blend of four grape varieties we picked on the same day:  Steuben, catawba, Frontenac, and Chambourcin.

The name of the wine comes from our many years of frustration with the robins and starlings eating and feasting on our hard labor.  Our motto for the birds — go eat elsewhere!  And with our Bird Gard pro plus system, so far, so good.

We arrested fermentation earlier than we did in 2020, so the wine is sweeter this year, and the 8% addition of Chambourcin and Frontenac not only added some unique flavor but also gave the wine a beautiful light red color.


Vintage 2021| |Catawba, Steuben, Chambourcin, and Frontenac  Appellation: Indiana Uplands
Vineyard Designation:  Pfeiffer Vineyards at Turtle Run
Acid 0.81 | PH 3.55 | Alcohol % 9.6

Price: $14 per bottle

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