This is the original Catherine’s Blend from way, way back in 2005, a blend of vignoles and traminette, two grapes that go together like peanut butter and chocolate.  So why change Catherine’s Blend if it’s so good?  Simple, in the mid 2000’s the traminette vineyard simply got hammered.  First, it was crown gall disease.  Second it was lightening.  Then in 2019, a dicamba herbicide drift from a local farmer put this vineyard into decline.

In 2013, we reintroduced this blend but this time named it Serendipity.  We didn’t make nearly enough as it sold out in 3 months.  In 2015, we made more, sent it out to California’s Consumer Choice Wine Awards competition and won Best in Class White Blend, thus beating everyone with our own Indiana grown grapes.

Today, we still cull out traminette out of that vineyard, but we are replanting it with other varieties as for some strange reason, traminette will not take off as plantings.

We barrel fermented traminette and vignoles from our 2022 harvest.  Additionally, we barrel fermented vignoles from our grower partner’s Pennsylvania vineyard.

After blending the barrels, we added a very little bit of sweet traminette from 2021 and sweet vignoles from 2021, both of which are from our Pennsylvania grower partner

Endless mineral and insanely complex fruit flavor delights the senses.  What is amazing is the citrus notes, an explosion of citrus, especially grapefruit and the rinds of all sorts of citrus.  The finish is beyond lingering long.  It just goes and goes.  The little bit of sweetness is hard to detect, but it allows the wine to finish very softly on the palate.  This is the closest wine we make that resembles the northeastern Alsace, France wines.   Try it today, and tell us what flavors you experience!


Vintage: 2021 and 2022 | Varietal Vignoles and Traminette
Vineyard Designation: Indiana Uplands Pfeiffer Vineyard, Arundel Vineyards, North East, PA
Acid 0.79| PH 3.37| Alcohol % 12% | Residual Sugar 0.25% | Glucose Grams 0 | Grams Sucrose 0 | Grams Fructose 5 | Calories from Fructose per bottle 15
Aging exclusively in stainless steel

Price:  $16 per bottle


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