Seyval Blanc was one of the first dry white wines I made back in 2000.  Laura absolutely loved it.  We then made a few more vintages in our earlier years but, due to logistics in our winery, we just weren’t able to make it for nearly 15 years.  Oh well…

In the summer of 2018, I realized two things:  first, we were running low on dry whites and we’d run out sometime late fall, or at least not have as big of a wine list as I’d like.  Second, the effects of dicamba drift from a nearby farm did indeed wipe out a vast amount of our crop.  So I called one of my buddy growers in New York, thinking just maybe, maybe, he’d have some excess juice sitting in extreme cold storage.  Sure enough, yep!  Seyval Blanc?  You’re kidding.   Do you have some?  Definitely interested.

We started the fermentation in stainless steel and super cold fermented it as we do for all of our sweet wines.  We cold filtered the wine, leaving behind about 3% residual sugar.  To older oak barrels the wine went, where we knew hibernating yeast could possibly be lurking in the staves.  Sure enough, the wine started to continue fermenting extremely slowly in oak, exactly what we wanted.  Over the course of the next 3 months, the wine continued its slow but steady fermentation, providing us with a unique fruitfulness which is all part of the Turtle Run experience.  We blended several barrels together, not all, but several, including one with a little more residual sugar than the others.  The result is a very nice, crisp, fruit-forward wine.  We chose not to cold stabilize the wine before bottling, knowing fully well that creme of tartar (potassium bitartrate) crystals could form in the bottle.  Eh…no big deal to me.  Just have to educate the customer.  We just didn’t want to mess with perhaps over-stabilizing the wine and losing some of the delicious fruitfulness

Seyval Blanc is a French-American hybrid grape, which, its claim to fame, has been and probably still is, the number one grape variety grown by acreage in England!

Aged 3 years in oak, and yes, you can taste the oak, but the wine isn’t overly oaky.  Just balanced

Vintage 2018 | Varietal Seyval Blanc | Appellation:  Finger Lakes, NY
Acid 0.73 | PH 3.51| Alcohol 11.90% | Residual Sugar 1.5% | Grams Glucose 0 | Grams Sucrose 0 | Grams Fructose 6| Calories Fructose per bottle 18
Aging stainless steel and older oak barrels

Price: $16 per bottle

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