A fruit forward exceptionally smooth wine, simple yet hardly.  Let me explain.  We do some very cool Old World winemaking here.  We barrel fermented Colombard, a grape no one’s heard of, which is fine.  The grape is normally used in mediocre bulk wine and that’s why.  A filler so to speak.  And yes, three years making it, yup, it needs something.  So we aged this wine on its lees, the spent yeast cells, to add richness in the mouthfeel.  It still needed fruit, so we blended it with traminette and vignoles and wow, what a wonderful fruit forward and refined wine.

Bottled June 2023



Vintage:  2020 and 2021 | Varietal Colombard, Traminette, Vignoles | Appellation:  Lodi CA, and Erie, PA.  Wine made at Turtle Run Winery as all of them are

Acid 0.75| PH 3.67| Alcohol % 11.5

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