Sip a glass of Slip and it will take you to another place! This wine is the pure grape variety Niagara and is bursting with white grape flavors and a long, lingering aftertaste.

Adding sugar to sweeten wine is a common, traditional practice in the United States, probably originating from the home winemaker scene.  At Turtle Run we explored scientifically to see if there is a difference between arrested fermentation wine, the way Europe and Turtle Run do it, versus sugar added to wine, the American way.  First, wines with sugar added have half of their sweetness provided by glucose.  Arrested fermentation wines have little to no glucose left behind as the yeast seem to prefer to consume glucose before metabolizing fructose into alcohol.  Because fructose is far more sweeter than glucose and because arrested fermentation wines have less alcohol, we can drop our calorie count by over 50% over sugar added wines.  Because many more maladies to humans are tied to the over consumption of glucose, such as diabetes, hypertension, inflammation and cancer growth, we think our pain in the rear method of wine making provides a better product for the consumer. And arrested fermentation wines have a clean, refreshing aftertaste, not a cloying, syrupy sugar aftertaste.



Vintage 2022 | Varietal Niagara  | Appellation Lake Erie, PA
Acid 0.77 | PH 3.55| Alcohol % 9.3| Residual Sugar 4% | Glucose Grams 0 | Sucrose Grams 0| Fructose grams 14 | Calories of fructose per bottle 42
Aging stainless steel

Price:  $14 per bottle