A long time ago, in a land far far away, there was this winemaker named “Jim” who decided to blend together traminette and chardonel from his vineyard. He thought it tasted good and apparently it did as it sold so, so well. Unfortunately, his Chardonel vineyard fell into decline and he replaced it with Diamond and Catawba grapes. A few year later, said winemaker “Jim” got access to chardonel juice and again barrel fermented it, just like the good ol’ days of 4 TV channels and black and white TV. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that long ago, but 2008 sure does seem that way.

A customer from those days was here in 2018 and asked about the barrel inventory and voila, we both figured out that Summer Solstice could come back! As I told him, “Okay, that might mess up some inventory to bring it back, but what the heck.” Oh, and my ADD might kick in, so I might forget about the wine, so I better order labels.” Therefore, with labels in hand, I had to make the wine.

The 2018 version was spectacular and it sold very well, so on the map, it stayed for 2019. It’s so amazing how well traminette and chardonel work together to deliver such a refreshing white wine.  And we made it again in 2020, and 2021.  And will again in 2022

Soft, citrus notes just run all over the place in the mouth. The finish is simply delicious, clean, and refreshing, almost invigorating. Just pleasant, a long, lingering finish. Tasty, tasty, tasty. A great summer white indeed!

Now, I will say the current version had an “Employee Incident,” a virtual teaming up against me (Jim).  Angie and Debbie wanted more chardonel in the blend.  I wanted more traminette.  And around and around we went.  Eventually, I caved.  And I was upset I caved for a couple weeks.  Now, I am quite happy with the blend

Vintage 2021| Varietal Traminette and Chardonel | Appellation Turtle Run Vineyards, Indiana Uplands AVA, and Finger Lakes NY, and Lake Erie, PA
Vineyard Designation Turtle Run Vineyards, Arundel Cellars, Stinky Creek Vineyards
Acid 0.77 | PH 3.67 | Alcohol % 11.9% | Residual Sugar 0%

Price: $16 per bottle

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