None of our sweet wines have any added sugar to them, which is not typical in America. We captured all of the residual sugar in this wine by filtering the wine during fermentation to remove the yeasts. This allows the natural sweetness of the wine grapes to provide clean, delicious sweetness up front, without a sugary aftertaste! All fruit, all of the time! Fermentation is done very cold which not only helps us maintain the sugar levels to exactly what we want by fermenting the juice very cold, but cold fermentation also helps capture the very fruity essences in the wine. The resulting wine contains sweetness from fructose and not glucose, which helps us provide a much lower calorie wine for you. Check out our blog site to see why we don’t add sugar.

Ever had Geisenheim before?  Nope (I’ll answer for you).  Ever heard of the grape variety?  Nope (I’ll answer that one too).  A friend of mine in New York grows a little bit of it, had some extra and asked if I would give it a try.  Sure….um…wait.  What is Geisenheim?  A hybrid of Riesling and Chancellor.  The great German white with French-American hybrid red Chancellor.  Why not?  Okay, I’ll give it a go.  That was in 2018.  Now, I can’t “live” without this wine.

So what is Geisenheim?  Grape varieties across species cross very easily, so in 1957 at the Geisenheim Institute in Germany, the cross of Riesling and Chancellor occurred.  If we dig into the genus species of this grape, it has parentage of Vitis vinifera (riesling), Vitis labrusca (main American grape flavors variety), Vitis rupestris (typical American small berry, suitable for wildlife, and Vitis lincecumii, or long grape, which grows wild in the woods near the vineyard.

To my knowledge, there is a decent amount of acreage of this grape in Canada, some in Germany, and very little in the US.  However, a friend of mine grows it, and I like it.

This wine is made to “Jim’s Wheelhouse” sweetness.  One can easily associate the riesling parentage in this wine, no issue there.  Many of the flavors of Riesling you’ll recognize with this wine.  It has very nice acid, courtesy of Chancellor.  Overall, I really like it, so hopefully, sometime soon, I’ll find a vine source and plant it at Turtle Run.  But right now, enjoy the wine.

We fermented it very cold and we stopped fermentation with 2-1/2% residual sugar, which is right where I really like it.

Vintage 2021 | Varietal Geisenheim +6% Riesling| Appellation:  Finger Lakes, NY
Acid 0.77 | PH 3.51| Alcohol 9.5% | Residual Sugar 3% | Grams Glucose 0 | Grams Sucrose 0 | Grams Fructose 14
Aging stainless steel

Price: $16 per bottle

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