The Turtle Run Philosophy

The Turtle Run Winery Philosophy:

Our winemaking philosophy is based entirely on our motto, “to create exceptional quality wine that goes with food and friends.

That means no short cuts.

It’s understanding that wines contain over 1500 natural chemical compounds

….and the nurturing it takes in the vineyard and winery to allow those natural flavors to express themselves

….and the understanding with 1500 natural chemical compounds that everything we do affects either positively or negatively the flavors and aromas.

….and that seeds of grapes contain upwards of 65% of the potential flavor compounds (all bad!) in wine, so working gently not quickly adds intriguing value to our wines.

It’s understanding that a good pot of chili has simmered forever on the stove.  With wine, we age them in barrels, sometimes for as long as five years.  No oak adjuncts here.  Barrels yes, powders and chips, no.

It’s understanding the taste difference between the natural sweetness and sugar-added sweetness.  Naturally sweet wines finish clean and refreshing.  Sugar added to wines provide that cloying sensation at the back of the roof of the mouth and back of the tongue.  That’s right, we don’t add sugar to make our sweeter wines.

It’s understanding that a good pot of chili has plenty of spices.  To us it makes sense to blend — not only different grape varieties, but different growing years.  The art of careful blending is a hallmark of Turtle Run Winery.

It’s understanding that the single hardest process in winemaking is the prep work to bottle a wine.  We don’t over filter, we rarely fine with proteins.  We tweak, we blend, we adjust.  We taste, adjust some more.  We’ll cancel a bottling session if the wine could use another day or two of fine tuning.

Mostly though, it’s listening to you, the customer, and crafting only the very best wines that you quite frankly ask for and deserve.