We worked on this one for about 2 months.  It started with that simple “mistake” of “I wonder how this would taste with that.”  Um…great!!! Now what….

Sometimes, at the end of fermentation in the fall, the dry reds aren’t quite dry…yet.  By springtime, they’ll start percolating again, so if you want to capture that flavor of a dry red, but leave behind some sweetness, the winter after harvest is when to do it.

Very fruity, bold yet smooth, with awesome tannins but with no bite and a long, lingering finish, this is a stellar everyday drinking red.

Vintage: 2021| Varietals:  Syrah and Mourvedre
Vineyard Designation:  Amador, CA
Acid 0.77| PH 3.47| Alcohol % 13.5% | Residual Sugar 2% | Glucose Grams 0 | Grams Sucrose 0 | Grams Fructose 8 | Calories from Fructose per bottle 24

Price:  $20 per bottle

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