Uncork the Uplands! Saturday, August 2nd, Bloomington, Indiana

The nine wineries on the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail are peppered throughout south-central Indiana, but for one night, they’re all in one place.  Uncork the Uplands is the signature event of the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail. Consistent with our mission, its goal is to provide a premier educational and wine tasting experience. With the establishment of the Indiana Uplands American Viticultural Area (AVA) in 2013, we also celebrate the recognition of our unique terroir in Southern Indiana, and the quality wine grapes grown within.  This coming year would be the 4thannual event.

Uncork the Uplands 2014 will offer guests the ability to explore the Indiana Uplands’ unique terroir firsthand with a guided tour of Oliver Winery’s Creekbend Vineyard.  Home to over 33,000 vines on 54 acres – walk along the rows, taste the grapes and chat with the folks who farm these lands.  Learn what makes it unique, wonderful for wine grape growing and what led the region to be recognized as the first all-inclusive American Viticultural Area in Indiana.

Follow that up with the opportunity to explore wines from all nine wineries, shared by the winemakers and owners who have helped build the Indiana wine industry, and amongst them have over 180 years of winemaking expertise.  Signature Uplands varietals like Traminette, Chambourcin and Vignoles alongside classic Vinifera, port and dessert wines and more that highlight the wide variety found throughout the Uplands.

Hearty food, live music and a beautiful setting round out this wonderful summer evening!

More details will be posted soon atwww.indianauplands.com.

Summer & Fall 2014 Concert Schedule

You asked and we listened.  More upbeat rock-n-roll!  And more of the best bands in the region!  So say hello to The Old School Band, who kicks things off for us on Sunday, May 18th from 1:30 to 5:30.  Another addition is recording artist Fremont John from Tampa, Florida.  He’s on is way to Michigan and will play here with some top flight Louisville musicians on Sunday, May 26th.  We may have something very special to announce for that day too!  Other headline acts include in no particular order, Nervous Melvin & The Mistakes, The Monarchs, The Rigby’s, Louisville Brass and Electric, Ron Jones Jazz Quartet, Circus,The Vinyl Kings, Melody Resurrection, Yes Pilot, Lick Creek Band, and Side FX.  We still may add another band as I have some flexibility in a few dates.

May 18:  The Old School Band 
May 25:  Fremont John
May 26:  Melody Resurrection
June 1:  Still Open (Could be Nervous Melvin & The Mistakes)
June 8:  Louisville Brass & Electric
June 15:  The Vinyl Kings
June 22:  The Monarchs
June 29:  Nervous Melvin & The Mistakes (could be Ron Jones Jazz Quartet)
July 4:  Melody Resurrection
July 6:  Yes Pilot
July 13  The Rigby’s
August 9 The Ron Jones Jazz Quartet (in conjunction with Le Tour De Pork bike ride)
August 24  Ron Jones Jazz Quartet
September 1:  Side FX
September 7:  The Vinyl Kings
September 14: The Rigby’s
September 21:  The Monarchs
September 28:  Louisville Brass & Electric
October 5:  Nervous Melvin & The Mistakes
October 12:  The Old School Band
October 19:  Circus
October 25: The Lick Creek Band
November 1: The Vinyl Kings

Our concerts are free, and occur Sundays, actual holidays (that’s new too) from 1:30 to 5:30, from May 18th through July 13th.  We then take a break then start up again on August 24th and go through November 1st.  You are welcome to bring your family, food and non-adult beverages.  All alcoholic beverages except Turtle Run wines are prohibited.  Any other alcohol could lead to us losing our license and our business.  For instance, if beer is your favorite beverage, please be courteous of others who enjoy the opportunity to come out on a relaxing Sunday afternoon to listen to great music, and leave your beer at home.  Additionally with our “we welcome you to our home” attitude, you may borrow glasses and ice buckets and folding chairs if need be.

As the winery with the longest continuous concert series, we welcome you to a great line up of bands.  Check out the full calendar at www.turtlerunwinery.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Turtle-Run-Winery/28968495154?ref=br_tf

Sip-N-Learn! An Indiana Uplands Wine Trail Event: May 10th and 11th

With over 175 years of grape growing and winemaking experience, the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail will be sharing our knowledge the weekend of May 10th and 11th in an extraordinary fashion.  Join us for the 2014 Sip-N-Learn Experience!  For more information, click here: http://www.indianauplands.com/event/sip-and-learn/#more-%27

For a quick listing of who is explaining what:
Best Vineyards Winery:  “Pruning the Vineyard”
Brown County Winery:  “The Fine Art of Filtering”
Butler Winery:  “Indiana Uplands American Viticulture Area”
French Lick Winery:  “Wine Aromas”
Huber Winery:  “From Farm to Bottle”
Oliver Winery:  “Winemaking 101”
Owen Valley Winery:  “Chemistry”
Turtle Run Winery:  “Barrels and Blending”

Wine Appreciation Class — May 10th from 6:30 to 9:30 PM

We have an open date, so if anyone is interested in attending one of my super educational and highly crazy Wine Appreciation Classes, send me a note!  The class is $40 per person, dinner included and we’ll analyze 20 plus wines! Here’s the fun and educational part about the class:  We’ll dispel 100’s of myths and collective delusions about wine and wine pairings that pervade our wine and restaurant industry. We’ll demonstrate how your unique taste bud count, your past experiences with flavors, your subconscious, conscious decisions, sound, sight, smell and taste all create a personal map as to how you interpret flavor and why you like what you like in food and wines.  Plus, we will show you that taste and smell are not related senses at all.  Not one iota.  Nope.  Nada.  Huh?  Intrigued yet?  I just love collective delusions not based on science…..or based on junk science! We limit the class to 35 or so folks.  We’ll show you how wines are professionally judged and how to rate wines, then, show you how the “Ganzfeld Effect” among others makes judging wine by ranking non flawed wines a virtual impossibility.  Finally, I’ll demonstrate how Cabernet Sauvignon or some other big red may taste better out of a glass designed for Riesling or Chardonnay…for some.  Call 812-952-2650 or email turtlerunwinery@gmail.com if you are interested.